• Your life starts dancing.

  • Your life starts dancing.

Ballet Studio for Adult Beginners

“I want to try ballet, but I have never done it.”
“I used to take ballet, and I want to do it again.”
“I want to be always in fit and lean body.”

“AXIS ballet studio” has been loved by many adults for more than 10 years,
as a ballet school where adult can take a step forward to start ballet from no experience.

Our vision is not just to develop students’ ballet techniques,
but to uplift their daily life quality through ballet.

― 3 Reasons to take ballet ―

Relax stiffed neck

Ballet requires using muscles around neck and scapula, and it will naturally make your posture beautiful. We have heard quite a few voices from students saying “my stiffed neck got better after taking ballet.”

Build strong and lean legs

Beautiful legs like ballet dancers or figure skaters come from flexible and trained adductors. You will be able to have such strength and flexibility from taking ballet lessons.

Get excellent posture and grace

Ballet dancers are known for their fabulous posture and graceful presence coming from core strength. Ballet lessons will train your inner muscles and give you beauty for life.


AXIS has many students who started, or re-started, ballet from adult and enjoy it.
Let us introduce their radiant life.

10years since started as a beginner

After I graduated school and started working, I felt like I wanted to start something new. So I started ballet. Soon after taking some ballet lessons, my friends told me that “you have nice posture” or “you have slender legs.” I also felt my stiffed shoulder got better. During ballet lessons, I can take my mind off my troubles, so it helps me from removing stress. When I can’t make a lesson, instructors kindly tell me that ‘it’s okay,” so I don’t feel pressure from it. Everyone who comes to AXIS is nice people. Everyone, including fine dancers and experienced dancers, never be mean to beginners, that’s one of the reasons why I have been able to continue. I wish to master more difficult movements step by step and continue ballet for a long time.

I have a big dream

I used to take ballet when I was a kid, and I wanted to start it again. I saw the website of AXIS and felt the atmosphere is good, so I decided to take lessons here. When I feel that I can change my body little by little even when I became older, I think such feeling really worth everything to me. I became more careful with what I eat and physical condition, thanks to ballet. People in AXIS always give me power, and instructors are kind and willing to teach a lot of things. When we work on recital, I am moved with the process that many people come together and build one work. I love performing, so I am working on my dream to play more solo on stage and entertain audiences with my performance.


We are so proud of our experienced instructors. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions to instructors.


Q. My body is inflexible. Is it okay to take ballet?

This is actually the most frequently asked question, and the answer is no problem. Many adult started ballet and yoga from no experience with us. Most students become flexible after taking lessons for a few months.

Q. Can students rent ballet shoes at studio?

We do not have ballet shoes for rent. If you don’t have ballet shoes when taking trial lesson, please wear sox which you would not mind getting dirty.


We have 2 types of courses; Regular Course and Ticket Course. You can choose either course that fit your needs. Whether you choose Regular Course or Ticket Course, you can take lessons both at Tamachi Studio and at Kotakemukaihara Studio.

  • 5,500yen(tax-included)
    Membership Fee

― Regular Course ―

Regular Course is a system that we ask for monthly fee for certain number of classes. The monthly fee shall be paid with direct debit, so it won’t bother you to prepare cash.

  • 5,000yen
    2 times/month
  • 9,000yen
    4 times/month
  • 15,400yen
    8 times/month
  • 20,900yen
    12 times/month
  • 25,300yen
    16 times/month

When you take Option Class, it will cost below rate.

  • Regular Course fee + 3,500yen
    Option Class 4 times/month
  • Regular Course fee + 6,000yen
    Option Class 8 times/month

(tax included)

AXIS Original
Good Value Service

If you could not come to classes and remained number of classes, the balance is carried forward to the next month (but carry-over shall be applied only up to one month). If you want to take more lessons than you paid for, you can take one class for 2,000 yen.
*We ask two months fee by cash for admission.
*Please notify by 5th of previous month when changing course or withdrawal. (ex. If you want to change the course from February, you must notify it by Jan.5th.)

― Ticket Course ―

If you choose Ticket Course, you will buy ticket package by cash. You can purchase tickets each time you need it.Recommended for people who are likely to fluctuate schedule and frequencies.

  • 3,000yen
    1 time ticket
  • 13,200yen
    5 times ticket
  • 24,000yen
    10 times ticket

When you take Option Class, it will cost below rate.

  • 1,200yen
    1 Option Class Ticket
  • 5,000yen
    5 Option Class Ticket

(tax included)

AXIS Original
Good Value Service

Tickets expire in 3 months after beginning of use.
If the ticket expires, you can reactivate it for 300yen per class.

― Personal Course ―

Premium lesson for those who wish to take personal lecture. After a private lesson, instructor will give you an Advice Sheet made just for you. If you wish to get better with personal advice from instructor, we encourage you to take advantage of the Premium Course.

  • 11,000yen
    1 student(60min)
  • 14,300yen
    1 student(90min)
  • 16,500yen
    2 students(60min)
  • 22,000yen
    2 students(90min)

(tax included)

For reservation, please send a request from contact form.
When sending a request, please make sure to clarify below items.

(1) Name
(2) Mail Address
(3) Phone Number
(4) Request Date and Time (Please provide at least 3 dates)
(5) Lesson Length (60min or 90min)
(6) Purpose of taking the personal lesson (Please write down if you have anything specific that you want to work on)

[Cancel Policy]

  • If you have to cancel with unavoidable reasons, you must notify it by minimum of 3 days prior to the lesson date. We will deduct 800yen for handling charge and refund the remaining fee.
  • If you cancel 1~2 days prior to the lesson date, we CANNOT REFUND the lesson fee.

― Visitors ―

We also offer drop-in classes that do not require registration. You can take TRIAL LESSON if you are the first time taking AXIS’s class. From the second time, you may take lessons as a VISITOR.

  • 2,000yen
    Trial Lesson 1 time
  • 3,500yen
    Visitor lesson 1 time
  • 1,200yen
    Visitor Option Class 1 time

(tax included)

※Admission fee and tuition fee cannot be refunded


For reservation, please send a request from contact form.
When sending a request, please let us know the class you would like to take.


Please contact me in either Japanese or simple English.


Start fun ballet with no or little previous experience!

Tamachi Studio / AXIS Ballet and Yoga studio for adult
[axis enjoy dancing]

Refresh and relax in between busy days. Good access ballet studio from JR Tamachi station and Toei Mita station. Instructors from SHIKI and famous ballet companies will kindly teach you.

Amaike-building 2F, 16-4, Shiba 5-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

※It is prohibited to come to studio with bicycle

Tamachi, Mita Station 5 minutes on foot

Develop strong body and soul through ballet

AXIS junior ballet school Yako

AXIS Junior Ballet school for children from middle school age down to 3 year and 6 month old. Professional instructors will teach correct basics that suit children’s growing bodies.
*There are classes for adult too. Click here to find out more about junior school.

KD building 301, 135-4, Tsukagoshi 3 Chome, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa

Yako Station 8 minutes on foot